Our Story

The story of Macaron Delights begins in the summer of 2020, a catalyzing year for many, but to truly understand it, we have to take you back a little further.

It was March, just before restrictions got stricter and stocks for toilet paper skyrocketed, when Brian Ward, the eldest son of the Ward/Young family was struck by a tragic building fire. Thankfully the casualty were the belongings of the building's denizens but with no other options to turn to, he found himself back home for the first time in years.

The family rallied around him and as a small way to express his gratitude, he began to cook. Instant Pot meals, sous vide racks of lamb, fresh baked sourdough breads. He had always loved cooking but having that large kitchen to work in seemed to spark something in him.

When he was finally able to move out, he found himself coming back with more and more dishes to the point where family began to ask him to make things for birthdays. It was in one of these requests where the tiniest spark of an idea for Macaron Delights was born.

He had always wanted to learn how to make French macarons but a lack of time, equipment, and space had limited that want. In his new apartment, on a whim, he tried it for the first timeWhite Chocolate Rosé, our first signature flavor.

It proved to be such a big hit that someone asked if he was selling them. At the time, it seemed a silly idea to ever think he could sell anything he just made on a whim, but once again, family rallied around him. His mother, Lavetta, pushed him in a way she hadn't before. She saw something in him in that moment, a passion that was unmistakable, and she wasn't going to let him miss what could be his calling.

His younger sister, Jana, saw it too and ever the innovative business woman, she began working on the base of the business with their mother until he was ready to make that jump with them. The three of them gathered together and in one business meeting, Macaron Delights was born. With a growing book of recipes in hand, they were ready to enter the world of French patisserie and there was no looking back.